If you’re a facility or organization in need of masks, please email Rena.

If you want to make masks, check out our patterns, and sew some masks! Sterilize these masks by placing them in a paper bag and putting them in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 degrees (much easier than washing).

If you’d like to specify where these masks go, check out the facebook group. We post calls for masks from our facilities there. Post in the comments for that post how many masks you’ve made and whether you will mail directly or drop them off at one of our drop locations throughout the Hudson Valley.

If you are dropping the masks off, place them in a bag and label the bag with the number and type of masks, and if you have a specific facility (from our Facebook posts) in mind, the name of that facility.

If you’d rather mail completed masks directly to facilities in need, look for the topic “Hospitals in Need” on the Facebook group; this will always have the most up to date needs. You can then mail directly to the facility using USPS click-and-ship. Please include this information about where the masks come from and how to safely wear them. Feel free to personalize the information in the box! Take a picture of the shipping label and email it to Alison.

If you are in need of fabric or supplies, check your nearest drop bin, or email Alison.

If you have sewing questions, post on Facebook- lots of amazing experienced sewers there- or email Kimmy.