About Us

We are a volunteer group based in the Hudson Valley of New York.
Our mission: To provide handmade PPE for vulnerable populations.

Our administrative team:
Rena Leinberger, Founder and Coordinator, Hospital and Community Outreach
Alison Spodek, Logistics and Science
Kimberly Ruth, PR and Social Media

Who can participate?

Anyone with a sewing machine. As long as you do not have symptoms of COVID-19, are not under precautionary quarantine due to exposure, and not sheltering with anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19.

How do I know the organizations actually want these?

A member of our team, usually Rena Leinberger, has directly corresponded or spoken with a representative or director of the organization. These grassroots and nonprofit organizations are efficient and most-trusted by the communities in need of these masks. Our design standards have been streamlined in consultation with physicians, hospital administrators, designers/makers, and those who wear these masks, into two designs accepted by the greatest number of institutions and organizations.

Will the facilities sterilize these on arrival?

Mostly, no. You should wash your fabric before sewing to allow for shrinkage. After making the masks, please put them in a paper bag and put them in your oven at 170 degrees for 30 minutes. This way, there are sterilized on arrival.

How do I get these to people in need?

You can either drop your masks off at one of our drop boxes spread around the Hudson Valley. If that is not convenient, please contact Rena Leinberger – we will make arrangements.

What if I am an organization and need masks?

Please email Rena Leinberger.

What kind of masks are we making?

We are excited to announce that we are now offering free kits with supplies to make 25 highly-efficient masks (over 70% effective according to scientists who tested our masks in labs!) Each kit contains a pattern, fabric, filter, ties and nose wire and is available in the bins at any of our drop box locations. 

If you prefer to use your own materials, we also support the following patterns.

What if I need help sewing?

Our facebook group is a great resource!

Are these approved and safe?

According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response option when other supplies have been exhausted.

Masks are also now required in public in NY State.

Want to join the effort?

If you’re a facility or organization in need of masks, please email Rena.

If you want to make masks, you can make masks using material from our free kits (available at drop box locations) or you can sew PPE using your own material with our suggested patterns.

After you finish making your masks, please sterilize these masks by placing them in a paper bag and putting them in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 degrees (much easier than washing).

If you’d like to specify where your masks go, check out our Facebook page and follow what we are currently working on. Or make a suggestion. You can put a note with your drop-off where you would like to designate your donation.

Thank you for your interest in our group!